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The word “sport” comes from the Old French word desport meaning leisure. On its own, sports may signify the kind of activity where the physical abilities of the competitors are the main determiners of the result of the sport. Sports is executed according to a set of rules or customs. Sport also includes activities like mind sports or motor sports. Sports have entertaining values for the players as well as the viewers. Sports also has some elements of nationalism. People compete in national teams while commentators and audiences take on a partisan view. Many of the sports enjoyed all over the world are competitions called tournaments or matches. Matches involve one or more competitions with each set of competitions being held at the same or different venues. Our web site provides information on the matches being held in various kinds of sports, complete with regular updates.

The most awaited series of matches at present are the 2008 Summer Olympics. It is officially known as the Games of the XXIX Olympiad and is to be held in Beijing. The 2008 Olympics will be held from August 8 to August 24. Some of the other upcoming matches are the National Trophy Rifle Matches, the Australian Football League, a few cricket matches and the ESL Pro Series. Other regional or country specific matches are also scheduled to begin. They may be in any field ranging from horse riding and archery to polo and skiing.

The entertainment prospect of sports has been exploited by mass media and the increase in leisure time has led to professionalism in sports. The nature of sports has been changed. They have become more competitive. The entertainment value of sports has led the players to achieve celebrity status. Sports and politics often influence each other. In South Africa, when apartheid was the official policy, many sports stars refrained from taking part in competitive sports over there. For regular sports updates browse through our site
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